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  The Ujimacare Orphanage/School

Proposed OrphanageUjimacare needs your help to build a first of its kind in the region, orphanage and school. Located on 30 plots of land in Kwahu, phase one of the children's home is already underway and once complete, this phase will be home to 16-20 children and 4 foster mothers. This home will provide children with a quality education as well as a positive family environment. The school will be known as The UjimaCare Academy and ground will break as soon as phase one of the children's home is complete. 

THE UjimaCare Academy

Mission Statement: The UjimaCare Academy is designed to empower youth throughout the world by providing educational opportunities built upon the foundational principles of the Bible and Jesus Christ. The UjimaCare Academy believes that through education, biblical training & character development young people will have the opportunity to be the light that impacts lives, impacts communities, and impacts the world.

  • Director of the UjimaCare Academy
  • English Instructor
  • 7-10 Teachers UjimaCare Academy
  • 3-5 Cooks/Cleaners/Maintenance (We will find individuals with children who are in need of work and are without homes. We will provide housing, education for children, and food with a small living stipend of $60.00/month).

Food: We will look to Partner with Food for the Heartland and we will hire an individual to farm the land on the campus and also educate the young boys about agriculture so that one day they could return to their home communities and pass on the skills.

Living Expenses: Donations/Partnerships with churches/Yearly Fundraiser

Criteria to be accepted into the Kingdom of Christ Academy:
  1. The individual is receiving no education at the point of admittance into the academy.
  2. Family income is less than $1000.00 / year.
  3. If both parents are no longer living the student will receive automatic admittance into the academy. 
  4. Parents are hired as a staff member of the academy.
  5. Approval from President George Kissi under special circumstances.

There are many options, changes, additions and opportunities as we get started and we will continue to seek out the Lord's guidance as we move forward with this project.

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Urgent needs now! Orphanage/School
Kwahu Orphanage and School
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